Ok, you wrote a book.
Now what?

You need to choose the right publisher. Plum Bay is here for you.

A One-Stop Shop
for all your publishing needs

Cover design, illustrations, format, ISBN, PCN, distribution - Plum Bay can do it all for you.

Forging lucrative partnerships with authors

Offering competitive royalty rates and promotion packages

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Get to know Plum Bay and see if we’re the publisher for you.


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A team
that knows the marketplace and will guide you to produce a book that will stand out and get noticed.
Book Publishing
We will
produce your work according to the highest quality standards. International distribution, and multiple platforms will allow you to maximize your sales.
Authors and Publishing Clients
Authors & Clients
Authors & Clients
A cooperative
approach to publishing with a transparent business model that provides the opportunity for our hybrid clients to earn back a portion of their Production Costs.
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