The Shakespeare Killer


Publication Date: June 13, 2023


The Shakespeare Killer by Douglas J. Wood

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“One of the most fundamental questions people have about defense attorneys is, ‘How can you do that? How can you go to bat every day for a person that you may not know is guilty but you have a pretty good idea that he’s not so innocent?’ It’s a question that defense attorneys answer for themselves by not addressing.”

David E. Kelley, American television writer, producer, and former attorney

The first victim is Jacob Schneider– a prominent criminal defense attorney. His death is ruled a suicide by authorities, just like all the other defense attorneys who have died recently. However, when Special Agent Chris DiMeglio gets on the case, he receives a tip from a local reporter who suspects these deaths are connected. Between the victim profiles, the suicide notes, and the unusual methods of death, it soon becomes obvious the FBI has yet another serial killer on their hands. 

The Shakespeare Killer is a new mystery from Douglas J. Wood featuring Special Agent Chris DiMeglio. This case is particularly sadistic and soon DeMiglio starts receiving texts referencing Shakespearean characters and a clear motive to “kill all the lawyers.”  With the lives of so many at stake, DiMeglio is forced to play a heart-pounding, cat and mouse game to find the culprit and stop the killing.  

About the Author

Douglas J. Wood is the award-winning author of many books of  fiction and non-fiction.   The Shakespeare Killer is his seventh novel.  He lives in North Carolina with Carol Ann, his wife of 49 years.  They are blessed with three grown children and four adorable grandchildren.