Angel Wings


Seven miscarriages and six years on a journey to finally have her twins via a surrogate, Stephanie O’Hara never let secondary infertility destroy her faith.

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Angel Wings by Stephanie O’Hara

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Angel Wings: A Story of Love, Faith, Infertility, Surrogacy, and Not Giving Up Hope

If people had said I would have twins in my 40s, I would have called them crazy! Becoming a mother of three did not come easily for me. After having my first son, I experienced secondary infertility before having my miracle twins.  I certainly would not have believed that I would spend six years trying to conceive and that I would ultimately hire a surrogate to carry my babies.

When Stephanie O’Hara was experiencing her first miscarriage, she went to a popular retail chain to find a book that would comfort, encourage and support her.  When she asked he store clerk for the section on Infertility and Miscarriages, she gave Stephanie a blank stare and told her it was “an odd request”. She was shocked, especially when she learned about the number of women who were sharing the same struggle. For anyone who needs a friend to lean on while she is experiencing the loneliness and anxiety associated with overcoming infertility, Angel Wings is Stephanie’s gift to you.

In her memoir, Stephanie shares the “roller-coaster ride” that was her life for many years: seven miscarriages, painful and dangerous medical procedures, furniture-sized boxes full of IVF treatments, and her unwavering faith that carried her through to the birth of her twins.  Find a comfy chair and sit with Stephanie as she generously shares the ups and downs of her story, belly-laughs, ugly cries and all.

Stephanie O’Hara is a sixth-generation southerner, wife, lead singer of a rock band, entrepreneur, and mother of three. She advocates for women struggling with infertility and shares her faith, inspiration, and hope on her website  She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, children, and her “pony-sized” puppy.


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