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Humpty Trumpty Hit a Brick Wall By David Finkle

Humpty Trumpty Hit a Brick Wall:
Donald Trump’s First White House Year in Verse
By David Finkle

Depressed and defeated, facing the inauguration day of a new U.S. President he calls “flabbergastingly unfit for office,” David Finkle, author of People Tell Me Things and The Man With the Overcoat, put thought and pen to the internet and posted a series of opinion-driven quatrains on Facebook. He decided to post daily until he had exactly a year and a day of Donald Trump’s first year in office.

Now, just in time for tax return season (Trump’s tax returns? So far, no tell), these humorous poems are available in a new book HUMPTY TRUMPTY HIT A BRICK WALL: Donald J. Trump’s First White House Year in Verse (Plum Bay Publishing; April 2018; ISBN 9780998861753), with illustrations by Roberta Granzen. Readers will recognize “Humpty Trumpty” along with satirical characters familiar to us in the form of nursery rhymes like Ivanka Trump as Little Miss Muffet and Steve Bannon as a troll.

In a world where the inflammatory nature of day-to-day politics has put people on edge, readers will find a reprieve while they laugh, grin, and occasionally weep their way through Finkle’s engaging rhymes that recall these characters’ ups-and-downs from the past year.

Heads-of-state, chiefs-of-staff, senators, the FBI, and more are rifled with original and humorous illustrations in HUMPTY TRUMPTY HIT A BRICK WALL, headlining each month’s collection, from Inauguration Day 2017 until January 20th, 2018.


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